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MGT 382 – Areas of HRM

MGT 382 – Areas of HRM This module is about organization. Organizing, like planning, is an important function in any organization, and requires that available resources be used optimally, but also that additional resources are identified and discovered at an appropriate cost. Resources can be financial, materials-based, or in the form of human capital.Please read the following resources. The first, by management scholar Ed Lawler (goal setting theory and motivation) is a brief overview of what he sees in the future of human resources management. The second, considerably longer, is a publication from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). In the SHRM publication the authors provide a history of HRM trends since 2003 and what to expect in the future.After reading the materials please identify the top five areas of HRM that you believe to be the most relevant to our futures in the workplace. Begin the paper with a good introduction and then summarize the five trends. The body of the paper should consist of a thorough treatment of the five trends in which you tie them back to the relevant chapters in this module. The better papers will have additional source material although you can write a passable paper without them. As always, make as many connections as you can to the assigned module chapters. Close the paper with a discussion of the implications of this article for managing workers. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)A separate reference page (in APA format) should accompany the paper. This should also include the textbook, which is always a source. Be sure to cite references when used in the paper. I grade this part heavily so use the web to find a brief guide to using the APA style. There is no reason to lose valuable grading points on minor stuff like writing and style violations. Once source of APA is (Links to an external site.).Some elements I grade for:Number and quality of linkages made between the article and the chapters (this is the most important!)Title page is optional, but a name and title is mandatoryAPA style for citations and referencesQuality of article selected (blogs or superficial articles will receive little credit)Introduction and conclusionAppropriate use of headingsSingle-spaced paper, double-space between paragraphs (double-check your paragraph settings)At leasta two pagepaper(more, with quality, equals higher grade)No first- (I, me, we) or second-person (you, your) perspectivesI can only open Word-compatible files. Sending the wrong file in the first place will make your paper late if I have to request a compatible file later. Double check submissions to avoid penalties!