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MGT 5061- a term paper

MGT 5061- a term paper  Write a 10 to 15 page research paper double spaced on some aspect of logistics systems development of the student’s choosing. Note: line spacing format for research papers is double space RESEARCH REPORT FORMAT STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: What is the format that MGT 5061 students should use in their research papers?BACKGROUND: Here each student should comment on the background of their problem. The Background may be simply an academic issue or perhaps involve real problems at work. In any event, the importance of each student’s problem needs to be discussed so the reader understands why he or she should read more about it.DISCUSSION: Now comes the part where each student must write about the research done on his or her problem. What have other experts said about the problem? This information can come from other textbooks, magazine articles, newspapers, or personal interviews. If the student wants to use his or her own experience, that is fine, but the experience must be justified as to its validity. If a comparison between alternatives is being described, the choices should be discussed here in enough detail that a conclusion can be derived as to which one is better. Also, if you intend to conduct an original experiment, please contact the instructor as additional guidance will be needed. Whenever an information source is cited, it must be referenced by footnotes so that the reader can find exactly where the information came from and what the author of the information exactly said. The style of footnoting used is not important; what is important is that each piece of information is referenced with a page number. Last, a bibliography must be included at the end of the paper.CONCLUSIONS:Once the background research is completed, the next step is to outline the conclusions that can be substantiated from the researchDISCUSSION. The substantiation must be defended by saying why the research evidence supports the conclusions that are made. RECOMMENDATIONS: This section is to be used by those students who want to solve problems. By this time, the various choices have been examined in the DISCUSSION above and one was chosen in the CONCLUSION. So, the recommendation should be a simple statement that the preferred alternative be selected with the anticipated benefits that will be derived by the recommended selection. Finally, an important recommendation to all students: if anyone needs help on this project, remember to ask questions early