Multicultural counseling assignment 3 | Multicultural Counseling | Albany State University

Write a 3-5 page essay reflecting on the following:

1. Think about the Black model of racial identity development. What difficulties might you face in working with a client at each stage of the process?

     Stage 1: Conformity

     Stage 2: Dissonance

     Stage 3: Resistance and Immersion

     Stage 4: Introspection

     Stage 5: Integrative Awareness

2. What are the drawbacks of a person of color holding self- and group-depreciating attitudes in the Conformity stage?

3. Why do you think there has been so little research conducted on the racial identity of helping professionals?

Must be in APA format. Use 2 to 3 scholarly resources. The coursebook is Counseling the Culturally Diverse by Derald Wing Sue and David Sue 7th edition. RUBRIC IS ATTACHED!!!

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