Need basic informational website done for school project

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The project does not have a formal prompt, but this is the following prompt for the proposal for this project. I have attached my proposal for the project, which is kind of last minute. You don’t have to follow along with my proposal exactly, and the website can be very basic as long as it has the content and functionality. I just need a working link.

Remember the following prompt is for the proposal I already did, not the website.


You a will decide on a topic that is relevant to this class that you want to explore more. Specifically. I want you to identify a technology challenge faced by one or more groups of people and consider the role that technology plays in both improving and worsening that problem. 

In 1-2 pages (single-spaced, no cover page), I want you to outline your ideas for the project, including the format you’re thinking the project will take (see the syllabus regarding possible options; note, you are not limited to the three ideas outlined in the syllabus. Use the proposal to explore options if you’re not sure, as you’ll be getting feedback from me. Think about what format would be most effective). 

Also talk about why you’ve chosen this topic (why it is important to study and why it’s important to you) and what your goal is with the project. In other words, what are the expected outcomes? What would someone engaging with this project take away? Finally, talk about what you need to do to accomplish this goal. For example, if you’re writing a white paper, think about the types of literature you need to review and the sections of the paper you’ll need to include. If you’re going to build a website, think about the pages you’ll include, the content on each page, and the overall aesthetic. Will you have a plan for people testing the website? Will you share it through social media?

These are the kinds of things I want you to include in your proposal. Remember, this is a great opportunity to get feedback to improve your final project, so the more detail you include in your proposal, the better the feedback will be.