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Using the information in Chapter 20, “Informal Reports”, draft a brief (1-2 page) report to be uploaded. The report should take the form of a Memorandum (see Figure 20.7). Your report must resemble the example in the textbook complete with headings, subheadings, bold and/or increased font. In other words, it must be a professional report and not just a few sentences or paragraphs slapped on a page. 
Did you run into a problem or issue in this course? What was that problem/issue? Must be specific (cannot be general). State the specific problem/issue in writing. At what point in the class did it occur? Be specific. Did it occur in the orientation (at the point of completing the introductory discussion board or while completing one of the self-assessments), in Unit 3 (during your research of the instruction set), etc? 

  1. Did you find that one of the assignments was not beneficial to the goals of this course? Which assignment? Where was it located? Why or how was it not important to the course goals? Be specific. Write it down.
  2. Did you find that an assignment that would have been helpful in meeting the goals in this course was not included? What is the assignment? How would it be more beneficial to students? 

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