Organisation and social dimension | Computer Science homework help


For this assignment, you need to answer the following questions completely. Your answer to each question should be about 700-800 words.

  1. The ECPA does not prohibit universities from reading student email on its computers, just as it does not prohibit businesses from reading employee email on company computers. Find your university’s policy about access to student computer accounts and email (on university computers) by professors and university administrators. Describe the policy. Tell what parts you think are good and what should change.
  2.  Find a decision made in a lawsuit by an employee who was fired because of photos or other material the employer found on the employee’s social network pages. Summarize the case and the result. Do you think the result was reasonable? Why?
  3. Rumors spread quickly on the Internet and in social media. Some persist and show up repeatedly. Find a website that regularly reports on myths, rumors, and “urban legends”—and researches and reports on the facts about them.
  4. Recent predictions for population growth in the 21st century have changed quite a bit from predictions made a few decades ago. Find reports of older population models (say, from the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s), and find reports of recent population models. How do they differ? How have the assumptions in the models changed?

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