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Organizational Behavior in Management Research Paper

Organizational Behavior in Management Research Paper Organizational Behavior in Management Research Paper- partway done: Needing 5 more pages. Topic: Barriers with Women in Business and the Corporate WorldBelow are instructions:There must be four parts to your Research Paper.Summarize what was contained in your Problem Statement & Organization Description.Synthesize your complete set of articles in order to discover possible explanations of your problem or topic of interest.Write a discussion of what you think about all of these explanations.Provide a conclusion and recommendations, from a consultative perspective of how to solve the identified problem or issue discussed in part one. What changes you would recommend to your organization.You must write using 12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial), double-spaced with one inch margins on all sides, page numbers and running header, proper citations and reference page. Your Paper should be 10-14 pages in length, exclusive of title page and references. Your citations and references must follow the American Psychological Association Style Guideline.It is recommended that all of your articles come from peer reviewed journals such as included in this list of academic periodicals in the field of organizational behavior and/or management. Here are some appropriate examples:Academy Management JournalAcademy Management ReviewAdministrative Science QuarterlyBritish Journal of ManagementBusiness Communication QuarterlyBusiness Communication ReviewCalifornia Management ReviewEmployee RelationsEuropean Business JournalEuropean Business ReviewEuropean Management JournalHuman Resource Management JournalInternational Journal of Industrial OrganizationInternational Studies of Management and OrganizationJournal of Applied Behavioral ScienceJournal of Applied ManagementJournal of Communication ManagementJournal of ManagementJournal of Management StudiesJournal of Management InquiryJournal of Organizational Change ManagementLeadership and Organization Development JournalLeadership QuarterlyManagement LearningManagement QuarterlyManagement ReviewOrganizationOrganization ScienceOrganization StudiesStrategy and Leadership