Os discussion response -1 | Computer Science homework help

 Read the post below and respond with 150 words.

Object-oriented programming is a model of programming that is often  used to create programs that are simple, efficient, and easy to  maintain. The way that object-oriented programming achieves this is by  breaking a complex problem down into smaller, simpler problems. It uses a  hierarchical inheritance approach–meaning that the sub classes (or  child classes)  of a class can access all methods from the parent  class. 

A class is utilized as a type of blueprint for objects to be created,  and is basically a collection of similar objects. For example, a  “Computer” might be considered a class, while it’s objects might be 3  different computers: a Lenovo, a Dell, and an Acer. We can declare  variables in the class, and then define what attributes that the objects  in the class “Computer” will share, such as cost, color, and brand.   The “state” of an object is considered to be something that describes  an object, such as the three attributes we listed above.  The “behavior”  of an object is considered to be something that the object “does”, such  as a computer “running”. 

Within the class, a main method as well as other methods are created  which utilize objects, statements, and commands to achieve a desired  result. There must be at least one main method in the program so that  the system knows where to begin executing the program. I have attached  an example of a small program that creates a class of “Computer1” which  declares two variables: cost and brand. I then create an object called  “myComputer” which utilizes those variables to show the cost and brand  of my computer, and to display the result along with a string as the  output.

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