Paragraph | ENLG101 | California Coast University


For this assignment, you will complete one paragraph wherein you’ll take a stance regarding the questions:

  • What is more “true”? The self that you show the world in waking life, or the self that you encounter in the dream?
  • Do we dream to avoid waking reality, or do we wake up to avoid the dream?
  • EXTRA CHALLENGE: Can our inner world (and the idea of a “true self within”) hide the truth of the “outer self” or “public” mask? Is the “butterfly” allowing Zhuangzi to flee from the pressures of his outer life as Zhuangzi? In other words, does a belief in “truly being a butterfly” hide the horror of having to be Zhuangzi himself? Can we take refuge in the fantasy (butterfly) in order to make it through the day of having to be “ourself” (or having to be yourself)? 

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