Peers introduction 2 | GEN 103 Information Literacy | Ashford University

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Look for peers with similar degree programs, career interests, and/or locations. Be sure to discuss with them any shared challenges in searching for information or similar experiences using information.


I’m Jessica Wilson. I live in Mineola, Texas. I have been married for 4 years to my wonderful husband. I love to do crafts. Scrapbooking. I love being outdoors and playing with my little deer head chihuahua

I have started with Arizona University for an Associate degree in Child Development. I have been around kids all my life. My family did foster care for years. We have had 290 + kids in my house. And we adopted the last two kids and they became my sisters. I also worked in 4 daycares right out of high school. I love being around kids. I want to be a Kindergarten teacher after all of this. 

I have searched a lot of stuff lately. I looked up a present for my husband for his birthday. I searched for a present for Mother’s Day. I looked up things for my new house. 

I used my phone and my laptop to look up.  I think I didn’t have this technology I wouldn’t be able to find different things. If I didn’t have this help I would have to look at the stores instead of on the internet.