Powepoint rich with infromation | Economics homework help

Please check the regional restrictions based on your last name. My last name was matched with(Africa/MENA/Emerging Europe) 

For your final assignment (option1), you should create an Information Rich PowerPoint presentation about how COVID19 is affecting or will affect Emerging Market Countries, Companies or Societies. You will be assigned regions of the world (a file to be uploaded later) but you are free to focus on a country, company or social activity in the assigned region. There should be a minimum of 15 slides. If you want to have more slides, that is fine with me. Please also add a Title page and a slide with references at the end. A suggested outline might be below:

I. Description of the Country, Company, or Social ActivityII. The condition before COVID19 of the country, company or social activity.III. The current impact that has been reported on the country, company or social activityIV. Description of strategies used to battle/overcome COVID19 by the country, company or social activity.V. Conclusion: Your view on the Future Impact of COVID19 on the country, company or social activity.

Just a reminder the company, country or socity you chosing to talk about should be from(Africa/MENA/Emerging Europe) and please make sure to follow all the instructions so carefully and make sure it will be a rich PowerPoint because is not going to be presented which means it should have all the details for the reader to understand please include diagrams, graphs, images, and videos. I’ll upload an example of how it should be. I want the PowerPoint to be a minimum of 15 full slides.  

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