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  1. To      better understand how a software development project is managed from      initiation to closure.
  2. To      better understand what project management plan consists of.
  3. To      prepare a project management plan for a software development project that      has been identified for this semester project.

Project Description

The project requires you to identify a software development project for any industry and prepare a Project Management Plan (PMP) for managing the project from initiation to closure. The Project Management Plan will include the following sections and items:

  • Project      Quality Management Plan – 6 points
    • Quality       Assurance Plan
    • Test       Plan and Strategy
  • Project Communications      Management Plan – 8 points
    • Stakeholder Communications       Requirement
    • Methods of Communication
    • Frequency of Communication
    • Performance and Progress       Reporting
  • Project Risk Management      Plan –      6 points
    • Risk Register
    • Risk Response Plan and       Strategy
  • Project Stakeholder      Management Plan – 5 points
    • Stakeholder Register
    • Expectations Management       Matrix

Peer Review: 10 points

You will prepare the Project Management Plan with all the above sections and items (bulleted list) in MS Word format using APA Documentation Style. For help with the APA Documentation Style, you can visit to an external site.. You will embed other files (e.g. Network Diagrams, MS Excel or MS Project file) into the Word file. Ask in the class if you do not know how to embed a file into another. You’ll store all the files in a folder and compress (zip) the folder so you can submit the compressed (zipped) folder.