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Select a recently published (5 years old MAX)  article from an academic journal or academic conference related to software engineering.

1) Summarize the paper, do not just quote the opening summary.

2) Describe the salient point that the author(s) researched or presented as “new”

3) Check at least one source from the bibliography and describe specifically what the authors of your selected paper referenced.

4) Describe any shortfalls or items the authors of your selected paper did not address

5) List and describe at least one possible item left unanswered that could still be researched (this may be what the authors “left out”)

6) You must cite the journal or conference

7) This is NOT to be from a marketing web page, company whitepaper, or Wikipedia.

This must be in DOC or PDF format but should resemble a published article regarding font selection and size. I do not expect it to be in 2-column format.

This is similar to 1/4 of a doctoral comprehensive exam, but you are not answering any specific question. You should think of this as preparation for a one-hour presentation. You are NOT presenting, nor are you creating a presentation. This is just a paper that should be no longer than two pages, single space 12pt text. Images ARE allowed but should be similar in size to the original article. No more than one half page of your entire paper should be images.

A bibliography should be included at the end of your paper, that is similar to the original article but should only have the few articles you examined & discussed.

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