Research | CYB213 | National University

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 TopicRelated to access control, authentication, or Public Key Infrastructure. Some examples:

  • Access control or authentication in the cloud.
  • Access control models
  • How to implement PKI
  • PKI standards
  • Tool demo

Requirement (Paper)

  • Research the topic (selection Must be approved)
  • Review (in detail) your selected project 
  • History, Background, and Security Importance
      • Document the project research (minimum of 5 references)
      • Justify why the issue applies to Cybersecurity
      • Justify why this is an important Cybersecurity issue
      • List all assumptions
  • Use the APA paper template
    • Minimum: 15 pages, Maximum: 20 pages.
    • Including the following:
      • Font: New Times Roman, 12 pts, full-page illustrations are not counted as a page. I’ll check: subject matter, contents, linkage, exhibits, etc…
      • Page 1, Title page: subject title, your name, my name, course number and title.
      • Page 2, Abstract
      • Page 3, Table of contents page (Not an APA requirement MY Requirement).
      • Page 4 to 19, Body pages: double spaced, 15 text pages max.
      • Page 20, Reference page. References and quotes will be verified.