Strategic management process | Business & Finance homework help

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Write a three- to four-page APA formatted paper with at least two outside sources (in addition to the text) that incorporate the following aspects: •Importance of analysis: ◦Multiple methods exist to evaluate management analysis. Discuss what some of these methods are and how can they be applied to your chosen organization. ◦Discuss how an organization’s resources impact a management analysis. ◦Discuss how value chain analysis can be used during the planning process for the future of the organization.  •Improvement methods for auditing organizational performance: ◦Discuss the role an internal analysis can have during a more in-depth examination for improvement. ◦Understanding the capabilities that exist within an organization will aid in making improvements. Using your knowledge of the capabilities assessment profile and applying the necessary steps, discuss the results of the profile and how can they be applied to your chosen organization.   In addition to the aspects above, please share your thoughts on how this analysis assisted in the review of the current strategic plan of Walt Disney Company.