Students will be paired up in the second half of the course with


Students will be paired up  in the second half of the course with another student. Each pair will work to select a publicly-researchable dilemma and students will each pick a stakeholder involved to represent (there may be many options, you may select any viable stakeholder, as long as you each select a different stakeholder). Each student will then create and record themselves presenting a 5-8-minute argument of the dilemma selected, their stakeholder’s position in the dilemma, and attempting to oppose, in a debate-style presentation, the position of their partner’s stakeholder. It will be the responsibility of both students to determine both a dilemma as well as two different stakeholders

As detailed above, the topics which must be presented for EACH student include:

1) An overview of the selected dilemma

2) An argument about your stakeholder’s “stake” in said dilemma

3) An opposition to your opponent’s argument

4) An attempt to sway the audience to side with your stakeholder (in short, have a desired outcome)

Please be attention that you should create the work for two students which stand on the opposite positions.So please make sure that this could be presented for 5-8 mins for each student.And this is the topic I selected.

Topic: Should we abandon privacy online

Stakeholder 1: Yes, for the whole country

Stakeholder 2: No, for individuals

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