Supply chain operations- quality vs speed to market

Please start each discussion board posting with your name (Jane Doe). Your initial original post must be a minimum of 300 words and submitted by 11:30 pm on the indicated due date in the course calendar. Your responses to classmates’ posts must be a minimum of 150 words each and be submitted by 11:30 pm on the indicated due date in the course calendar. Also, keep in mind the grading criteria included in the Grading Rubric. Your reply post must provide something new to the conversation rather than simply expressing agreement with the original author.


Quality vs Speed to Market

Read the web article found at the following link:

Coronavirus Tests Are Being Fast-Tracked by the FDA, but It’s Unclear How Accurate They Are.

Original Post: Choose a position whether quality or speed to market is more important in the current environment of COVID-19 testing.  Be sure to state your position and provide evidence from either the article or other sources to justify your contentions.  

Reply Post: Choose another student’s post and either agree or disagree with their position.  Whether you agree or disagree is irrelevant.  You need to offer new evidence or information (information not used by the original author) to support your position.  Agreeing with the original author, but not providing any additional evidence will result in a low score. 

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