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Chp 2 Evaluation Assignment – SaaS evaluation

Section 2.4  in your chapter involves discussing on-demand software, or SaaS (Software as a Service).Research the Internet and locate 3 companies who provide WMS, TMS, YMS, ERP, or MRP systems through on-demand cloud-based subscription service. Pick ONE (1) type of system from the list. For each company offering, provide a decision matrix that compares the the systems.  Items you should compare include price, support, training capabilities, options offered, ease of use, reputation….  You can create a table like the one below.

 Software Name     Software #1   Software #2 Software #3

Feature #1             Excellent           Good       Not offered

Feature #2             Good                Poor                Good

Costs                  High            Medium            Low

Make sure to name the specific program name and version and provide a URL (website link).Your results should be in your own words with facts from each of the Web sites for your chosen companies. Do not simply cut and paste from the company Web site.You need to provide enough information about each choice to covey to me your understanding of what each company does and how their product / services works. 

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