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There is a famous saying in statistics that

There is a famous saying in statistics that There is a famous saying in statistics that “Correlation does not imply causation”. Please address the following questions:1) In your own words, what does this statement mean?2) In statistics there are what are called ‘spurious’ correlations and ‘lurking variables’. What do these terms mean? Does a spurious correlation necessarily have a lurking variable or could it just be a coincidence?3) Finally, go to any website and find a spurious correlation. Do not choose one that another student has chosen. The spurious correlation can be implied or explicitedly stated by the authors. What are the variables being correlated? Why is the correlation spurious? Are there any lurking variables that could otherwise explain the correlation or is it simply a coincidence? This website has some good examples: Initial discussion posts must be made by Wednesday of each week. In addition, at least two classmate replies should be posted all on separate days. Each response must be a minimum of four complete sentences with no spelling or grammatical errors. In addition, a student contribution must add value to the discussion. A post is determined to be of substance by containing information that supplements, contradicts, questions, or furthers the discussion. Responses such as “me too” and “I agree” and responses not related to the subject of the discussion are not considered to be substantive. Students are encouraged to post references to outside sources using proper APA citations