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 need One Thesis sentence for this topic Growing up an only child vs.Growing up with siblings. It needs to be original, crafty, and grabs the readers attention. I will place an rubic on how it will be graded. Just a catchy sentence for this compare and contrast essay.Remember, your thesis statement should be a complete sentence.Finally, remember that a thesis statement:

  • Does not announce intentions, like “This essay will discuss…” or “The following composition will detail…” or “I am going to talk about…” A good rule of thumb — for the entire essay — is to avoid mentioning the essay itself. 
  • Along those same lines, remember that you can’t use first- or second-person pronouns in academic writing, and this includes your thesis statement.  First-person pronouns include I, me, mine, our, us, ours, and my.  Second-person pronouns include you, your, and yours
  • Your thesis statement should not be a question.
  • Your thesis statement should be a complete sentence. 

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