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C++ inheritance

True or false: If A is the superclass and B is the

True or false: If A is the superclass and B is the subclass, behaviour from B is available in A. Briefly explain your answer. (b) The University is a good example of a large and relatively complex system with many different types of entities. Students are either undergraduate or postgraduate, and pan-time or full-time. There is more than one type of staff member, including part-time and full-time. There are academic staff members, who conduct research and teach. There are research staff, who mostly conduct research and may do a little teaching. There are professional staff who provide administrative support and neither teach nor conduct research. Finally, there are the senior executives and management layers of the University, including the Vice-Chancellor and the CIO as examples. Arrange the following classes in an object hierarchy as a diagram to show where behaviour is shared and where it is extended: University, Person, Staff, Student, UnderGrad, PostGrad, Academic, Research, Professional, Executive (c) You have defined a class Animal and now wish to define a new class Panda that inherits from Animal and adds a single public function with this signature: void growl (); Write the C++ declaration for Panda that clearly shows the inheritance from Animal. Make sure that you explicitly declare the default constructor. (d) In the previous part, Animal has an integer variable weight defined as part of the class. What is the access modifier that must be used with weight if we want it available to Panda but not to other classes who haven’t inherited Animal?Show transcribed image text

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