Trying Crack Des Keys Aes Keys Pc 3 Gigahertz Processor Assume Processor Operate 100 Milli Q10086117

You are trying to crack DES keys and AES keys wi You are trying to crack DES keys and AES keys with a PC that has a 3 Gigahertz processor. Assume that your processor can operate at 100 Million Instructions per second. Assuming that you can test each key with [6 steps times 16 cycles =) 96 instructions, estimate the amount to time necessary to crack a DES encryption by testing all 2^56 possible keys. Make a similar estimate for a 128-bit AES key, assuming you can test each of the 2^128 AES keys with [4 steps times 10 cycles =] 40 instructions. Using Moore’s law, which says processors double in power approximately every two years, forecast approximately how many years it will be before a 128-bit AES key could be cracked in a week of processing. Do some research on how DES was actually cracked in 1997-98 and compare what was done with your DES calculations. Considering your answer to part 2, is it feasible to use the approach used in cracking DES to crack AES Show transcribed image text

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