Trying Hack Computer Looking Password However Password Secretly Nested Long String Please Q27174958

You are trying to “hack” a computer by looking for its password.However, the password is secretly nested in a long string. Pleasewrite a MIPS assembly code to retrieve the nested password.

To simplify the task, the string that contains the password isprovided and is stored in the data segment.

The password is a 6-consecutive digits. For example:

a123456 is NOT a password

123456a is NOT a password

12345 is NOT a password

1234567 is NOT a password

123456 is a password.

This question has been posted with a c++ solution, but an answerin MIPS code would be much more helpful and appreciated. Thankyou.

Provided Code:



.asciiz “this is not a password 1122^&*( this ispassword?987654hello world!!!!1234567”


.globl main


# Your code starts here

la $a0, MemoryData # load the head address of “MemoryData” intoregister $a0

li $v0, 4 # let computer know you about to print out astring

syscall # pring out the string

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