Trying Insert Records Sqlplus Table Giving Error Message Value Large Culume Fix Problem Al Q23570585

I am trying to insert these records into the sqlplus table, butit giving error message value too large for culume. How can i fixthe problem. Also how can i run the select statement.


create table item_desc
(item_id varchar2(6),
category_id varchar2(2),
primary_desc varchar2(50),
secondary_desc varchar2(50),
color_desc varchar2(10),
size_desc varchar2(10),
status_code char(1),
production_date DATE);

insert into store_informationvalues(‘item_id’,’category_id’,’primary_desc’,’secondary_desc’,’color_desc’,’size_desc’,’status_code’,’production_date’);

create table store_information
(store_id varchar2(3),
store_name varchar2(20),
street_name varchar2(20),
city varchar2(20),
zip_code varchar2(5),
phone_nbr varchar2(20),
manager_name varchar2(30),
open_sunday_flag char(1));

insert into store_informationvalues(‘store_id’,’store_name’,’street_name’,’city’,’zip_code’,’phone_nbr’,’manager_name’,open_sunday_flag);

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