Trying Print Image Hd Property Object Set True Using Javascript Also Trying Get Number Ass Q13708917

I am trying to print an image only if the HD property in theobject is set to true using Javascript. I am also trying to the getthe number assigned to an element and print an image that manytimes. (To different functions).

var movies = { “movies”: [

{ “title”: “Blue Streak”, “year”: 1999, “starring”: “MartinLawrence, Luke Wilson”, “HD”: true, “description”: “Blue Streak isa 1999 American buddy cop comedy film directed by Les Mayfield andstarring Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson, Dave Chappelle, PeterGreene, Nicole Ari Parker and William Forsythe. The film was shoton location in California. The prime shooting spot was SonyPictures Studios which is located in Culver City, California.”,”photo”: “data/blue-Streak.jpg”, “rating”: 4 }

So for every movie where HD is set to true I want to show animage. Also for the rating, I want to show that many stars. Thefunction I tried have not worked. Please help!

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