Trying Understand Assembly 8085 Would Nice Get Help Text Stored Memory Block Ascii Format Q26152390

trying to understand the assembly 8085. would be niceto get some help

a- A text is stored in a memory block, in ASCIIformat. Transform all lower-case characters of this text intoupper-case, leaving numbers, special characters, and upper casecharacters unchanged.

b- Write an Intel 8085 assembly language program thatcounts the number of 1s in a binary number stored in theaccumulator. Use the algorithm below. Hand assemble (producehexadecimal code using code tables) the code for the first10 lines of the program.

Tally = 0;

For i = 1 to 8

Shift accumulator once to the right

If carry = 1 then increment ONES

Next i

c- Use an algorithm similar to one in Question 2 tofind the parity (odd/even) of a binary number stored in theaccumulator.

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