Trying Write Program Pseudocode Used Lego Mindstorm Nxt 20 Got Mario Theme Song Score Imp Q11306333

I am trying to write a program out of pseudocode (I used theLEGO mindstorm NXT 2.0). I got the Mario theme song score andimplemented it to the LEGO software. I want it to also include thatwhen the touch sensor is pressed (loacted in the back of robot) itmoves forward for 1.5 seconds? Don’t know where to add that though,and I don’t know if I would just include the Matio Theme Song inlike that either…

Until (Mario Theme Song) do

If (unltrasonic sensor is within 25 centemeters of object) thenstop

Generate random number between 0 and 100

If (random number < 50) then

Turn 90 degrees right


Turn 90 degrees left

end if


Move forward

end if

end loop

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