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Tsai Advanced Technology, Inc. (TATI) is a fictionalmulti-national company providing outsourced financial services to avariety of clients across many industries, including commercial andgovernment entities. TATI specializes in billing and invoicingservices, in which TATI receives relevant data from its clients andprocesses the data to produce the invoices, monthly statements, andother billing items that are sent to TATI’s clients’ customers.TATI employees serve the company’s customers both on-site atcustomer locations and while working in TATI facilities. TATIemployees routinely store data related to multiple clients on theircompany-issued laptops. TATI’s Chief Information Officer, havingread of the numerous data breaches reported among commercial andgovernment organizations, has become concerned about the risk toTATI’s customers and potentially the company’s reputation if TATIwere to experience a similar breach. He has tasked you, theDirector of Information Security, to create a new corporate policyregarding the protection of client and company confidential datastored on employee computers, particularly including laptops.Respond to each of the following, taking into account material wehave studied in this course regarding threats and vulnerabilities.Cite these and other pertinent sources used in your answer. Bespecific and briefly but fully explain and give reasons for youranswers. a. Summarize the primary vulnerabilities and potentialthreats that exist for TATI related to the practice of storingsensitive data on laptops. Use your answer to clarify thedifference between vulnerabilities and threats (if there are any).In your opinion, which of the risks TATI faces are most significantto the company? b. What measures would you propose to seniormanagement to try to prevent a breach of data held by TATI? Yourresponse should include recommendations for mitigatingvulnerabilities identified in part (a). c. Discuss the keycharacteristics of a policy statement and write one specifyingemployee and company responsibilities for protecting client andcorporate data, such as the data stored on employee laptops. Besure to address requirements for protecting the data from theft,and for rendering the data unusable should it be compromised.

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