Turn Part May Use Computer Complete Following Program Also Use Book Notes Necessary Print Q13620611

After you turn in the Part I, you may use computerAfter you turn in the Part I, you may use computer to complete the following program. You also can use your book or notes if necessary Print out .java file. look up Java document for Calendar class. List three methods and write one sample statement to call the method (assume variable declared and values assigned) An oil company receives shipment of crude oil by either truck or ship. The fee for shipment by truck is calculated by $1.5 per gallon with minimum charge of $200 (i.e. if the calculated charge is less than 200, then charge 200). The fee for shipment by ship is calculated by $1.75 per gallon with minimum charge of $300. Write a program to ask user to enter the number of gallon of the shipment and whether it is shipped by truck or ship. The program should not accept gallon less than 200. The program then calculate the shipment charge and print out with a message. At end, ask user if want another transaction and repeat the process as long as user answer yes. Program should be well documented(includes name, date, and brief description) Variable names are properly declared to reflect what they represent in program Input validation Fee Calculation correctness Loop correctly repeat the process Show transcribed image text

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