Two 2 Java Files Counterjava Driverjava 2 Two 2 Class Files Counterclass Driverclass Publ Q10059305

Two (2) .java files (Counter.Java and 2. Two (2).class files (Counter.class and Driver.class public class Driver {public static void main(String[] args) { Counter c = newCounter(1000); c.count(); c.count(); System.out.println(“After 2counts: Count (1) = ” + c.getCount()); c.count(); c.count();System.out.println(“After 4 counts: Count(1) = ” + c.getCount());c.reset(); System.out.println(“After reseting: Count (1)= ” +c.getCount()); } } once starting the counter at 0, and oncestarting the counter at 1000

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