Two Multichoice Java Questions Following Methods Must Invoked Making Changes Panel Changes Q29676600

Just two multichoice java questions.

Which of the following methods must be invoked after makingchanges to a panel for the changes to be visible to the user?

Select one:

a. draw(aBrush);

b. setVisible(true);

c. paintComponent(aBrush);

d. repaint();

Which of the following is false?

Select one:

a. When removing an event listener using the required method,the method doesn’t throw an exception even if the event listener isnot found.

b. In order to remove an event listener from a component, thecomponent must be instantiated inside an anonymous inner class.

c. Once an event listener has been removed from a component, itcan be added to the component again.

d. Once a listener is removed from a component, the listener nolonger receives component events from this component.

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