Two Robbers Come Scheme Rob Bank Getaway Plan Depends Dividing Loot Quickly Possible Going Q11697027

Two robbers come up with a scheme to rob a bank. Their getawayplan depends on dividing their loot as quickly as possible and thengoing their separate ways. Clearly, each robber wants an equalportion of the loot. As they grab items from the bank safe theystamp an estimated value on each item. They have asked you for analgorithm that will divide the loot as quickly as possible. Therobbers are pretty sure that there is a way to divide the lootequitably but if this is not the case they have decided to abandonthe venture altogether and leave all the loot behind.


Provide a dynamic programming algorithm that computes (optimal)values using memoization (either iteratively or recursively) andextracts the solution using the memoization table and analyze theruntime of your dynamic programming algorithm. Is this is apolynomial time algorithm?

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