Unit v case study | Management homework help

 Unit VI Case Study Read the

 “Shell Case Fabricator” case on page 442 of your textbook. After reading the case, answer the following questions:


 Should Shell Case Fabrications (SCF) accept or reject Air Connection Links’ (ACL) request? Which option would you select? What risks are involved? 

 How should SCF negotiate with ACL? How can SCF and ACL develop a positive, long-range relationship? Give some specifics. You will need to identify your own thoughts and cite specific passages from the case to support your point of view. 

Your response should be a minimum of one page in length written in standard essay form following APA style guidelines. Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below. 


Unit VI Assignment Essay As you have read in this unit’s assigned reading, earned value management (EVM) assists project managers when measuring the overall performance of a project. EVM can be very useful in project forecasting and is used for cost and schedule control. For this assignment, write an essay detailing the basic elements of earned value management. Additionally, discuss how the calculated results from EVM are part of an audit. 

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