Upcoming Meeting Manager Needed Estimate Average Amount Visitor Spends Theme Park Random Q28381483

A. For an upcoming meeting, a manager needed to estimate theaverage amount that each visitor spends in their theme park. In arandom sample of 25 visitors to a theme park, it was determinedthat the mean amount of money spent per person at the park(including ticket price) was $93.43 per day with a standarddeviation is $15. The amount of money spent per person at the parkis normally distributed.

B. You want to conduct a study to estimate the proportion ofadults (age 20 to 34) who have hypertension. Prior research hasshown that the percentage of adults (age 30 to 34) who havehypertension is 8.6%. What sample size would be needed for theestimate to be within 2 percent with 95% confidence?

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