Watch one of those movie and write as needed

Watch either “Kill the Messenger,” “The Social Network” or “Nightcrawler” (all available on Netflix and popular rental sites). Then, write a 400-word piece telling me what you believe the movie you have chosen says about the media in America. This can be an opinion-based piece, but — as always — I want you to support opinions with logic and evidence. Feel free to write about anything that stands out to you, but don’t spend an extensive amount of time recapping the plot (I’ve seen them). I would rather you answer questions like these …

Do you believe the movie represents the media form that it is focused on fairly?

Do you believe the movie is likely to change the way people look at media?

In the case of “Kill the Messenger” and “The Social Network,” which are based on true stories, did the movie inspire you to look more deeply into the real-world events that inspired it? If so, tell me what you learned. 

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