Watch the video then answer the questions listed below.

Watch the video then answer the questions listed below.

Protestant Reformation: World History 2 Crash Course #218

1. Before the Reformation, pretty much all Christians in Europe were ________________________________. 

2. During the European ________________________, the Catholic Church really dominated European civilization.

3. What elements demonstrate the power of the Church in the Middle Ages?

4. Martin Luther’s new interpretation of “____________________” grew into a full-scale conflict with the Catholic Church when a friar named John Tetzel came to Wittenberg, selling _____________________.  This was a ________________ to the Church that came with a promise from the Pope to reduce a sinner’s time in __________________.

5. In response, Luther wrote _____________________ against indulgences and then dramatically ____________ them to the Church door for all to see on October 31, 1517.  He ultimately denied that the church and the officers of it had any ____________________________________.

6. How did the printing press help Luther’s criticism become more influential?

7. What were some of the new denominations that spun-off of Luther’s ideas?

8. With all these new denominations, there were years of ________________________________.

9. The __________________________________________________________, the biggest revolutionary uprising in Europe before the French Revolution was suppressed with crushing brutality; an estimated ________________ people were killed.

10. What was the incentive for princes and kings to break with the Pope?

11. In the end, the Reformation was both a ______________movement and a ___________________ one.

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