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What is the effective annual rate of interest

What is the effective annual rate of interest  6 The terms of the sale were 3/15, net 37. What is the effective annual rate of interest?7 ABC Company has annual sales of $501,059. The cost of goods sold are $308,686. The firm has an accounts receivable balance of $21,063 and an accounts payable balance of $20,915. How many days does it take the firm to pay its suppliers? Assume 365 days.8Annual demand 169,077 unitsCarrying costs $3.01 per unitFixed Costs per order $5Number of orders 59What are the total costs?9 – A company sells 126,384 units per year. Fixed costs per order are $143 and carrying cost is $21 per unit per year. If management uses an EOQ model, how many orders will it place per year?10 -ABC Company has the following projected sales:MonthSales $Jan 37,216Feb 33,618Mar 40,473Apr 30,29112% of the sales are on cash and the remainder are on credit. Out of the credit sales, 43% are collected in the first month after sale, 23% are collected in the second month after sale, and the remainder are collected in the third month after sale. What is the amount of the April collections?11 – The common stock of ABC Industries is valued at $88.15 a share. The company increases their dividend by 5.6 percent annually and expects their next dividend to be $2.79. What is the required rate of return on this stock?