Write Matlab Code Design Chirp Signal X N Frequency 700 Hz 0 Seconds Reaches 15khz End 10 Q26181037

a. Write a matlab code to design a chirp signalx(n) which has frequency, 700 Hz at 0 seconds andreaches 1.5kHz by end of 10th second. Assume samplingfrequency of 8kHz.

b. Design an IIR filter to have a notch at 1kHz usingfdatool.

c. Plot the spectrum of signal before and after filtering ona scale -π to π. Observe the plot and comment on the range of peaksfrom the plot.

d. Critically analyze the design specification.Write amatlab code

e. Demonstrate the working of filter by producing sound beforeand after filtering using necessary functions.Write a matlabcode

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