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Topic: Race-based bias at the workplace ( Sociology )

Please go into in-depth a facet of “sociology” that fits with their personal interests. Be sure to explain, not just assert, how the chosen topic illustrates something about “society”. 

The final paper 3000 words 

 (numbered, typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, regular 12-point Times New Roman font, without numbering the title page or leaving extra space between paragraphs and, preferably, double-sided pages), not including the title page, abstract, bibliography, and any other pages not part of the actual text of the paper, utilizing a minimum of ten sources

 (at least 5 books and at least 5 articles).

Please no plagiarism and all quotes must be cited. I will read  thoroughly threw the Research Paper, and will dis credited if add on sentences, the sentences are too short, the sentence make no sense. Please actually do the research and write the paper correctly. 

NO Negotiations! Price is firm !!!! 

Thank you,

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