Written assignment | Operations Management homework help


Write an introduction and summary of what you’ve learned from this reading. Make sure to include a conclusion.

· Introduction to the problem faced by iQmetrix

· Overview of how you addressed this problem (your research and the questions that arose in it). Creates an Executive Summary that identifies the issues, and why they are important to the iQmetrix. 

 · Presents a conclusion that recaps the issues and the recommendations. Recapitulate what you have done in this paper; if relevant, what learnings from this course about business organization management assisted you? 


· 2 Pages

· At least two credible sources for your references. 

· Provides clear statement of issues to be resolved. Performs clear and complete analysis of iQmetrix’’s position in its industry. Provides clear comparison of iQmetrix’s value proposition with those of principal product/service substitutes. Makes a clear and accurate connection between iQmetrix’ s issues and its position in the industry.

· Provides all the relevant tables, charts, or diagrams. All visual aids are easy to interpret and directly related to the client’s issues, position in the industry, etc

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