You will write a short results section in current apa style that


It is time to present your findings. During this phase, you will write a short Results section in current APA style that presents the results of your statistical test as well as interprets these results in light of the research question. The Results section must be 1–2 paragraphs must include:

1. The results of your analysis, including the value of the appropriate test statistic, the significance level, and any other pertinent information (sample size, etc.).

2. Several sentences that interpret these results, including the following information:

· Were the results significant or not?

· Do these results lead you to accept or reject the null hypothesis? (refer to the below post from discussion on null hypothesis)

· What are the strengths and weaknesses of the statistical test that was used?

· Are there any characteristics of the sample or the data collection method that should be taken into consideration when interpreting these results that you would mention briefly to the reader?

Remember that the Results section is not a Discussion section. Therefore, it is NOT the place to make any wide-ranging statements about doctrine in general, how surprised (or not surprised) you are by the results, whether they correspond with other research, etc. You will have a chance in the last phase of the lab to share your thoughts and insights, but remember for this phase that Results sections focus on data. You can also use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association as a guide (if you have one), or visit this website for more guidance:

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